Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Biryani for the Brain!!!

Food. One of mans basic needs. Food could mean different things to different people. For some, its all about living to eat. For some, its a stress buster. For some, it could just mean a basic need.
For me, it is the love of my life. But more than just eating; what is more interesting (and may be, the difficult part) is cooking. So then, what is cooking? Is it a process or a theory? We will never know. You need to love it to understand it. That’s  why the simplest of mums dish would win by a mile against an elaborate restaurant buffet.
Although I am not a professional chef or cook, I absolutely love cooing. This cooking of the biryani for the brain will include exploring cuisines, and various styles of cooking and recipes along with some food for the soul.
Before I end, I couldn’t help without a few thank you's. Firstly, my mum for introducing me to the kitchen, and for the wonderful food she’s fed me right through. My weight is testimony to that. My mum (yet again) and my sister for encouraging my cooking and being my gentle critics. My cousin Manoj Baretto who unfailingly congratulates me on every dish.. even if he has only seen the picture..  And of course, all of you my readers.Needless to say, I look forward to your thoughts, comments and suggestions on the articles or what you would want included in the blog.
Bon appetite!!!!

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