Thursday, December 27, 2012

My top 10 tips for cooking!

My top 10 tips for cooking!

Cooking, they say, is an art. Thankfully, with a little bit of practice and some application; it is one of the easier arts to master.
Here are some of my tips to help you cook a great meal
  1. The mis-en-place- Literally means “putting everything in its place”. It is very essential to prepare everything before you begin cooking. Get the marinades ready, sharpen the knives etc beforehand. This will help avoiding last minute rushes and help you move quickly
  2. Unless the recipe demands, cook  on a slow flame. Will help economize fuel consumption.
  3. Go slow on the salt and seasoning as well.  Add less at the beginning; you could always make up for it at the later stages.
  4. Keep tasting the recipe as you go. It will help you perfect the end product, if you are unable to get the correct taste, call in someone who can tell you.
  5. Use all ingredients at room temperature. Needless to say, the fresher the ingredients, the better.
  6. Hygiene is of utmost importance. Clean the work area as you go. Dispose of the peels, skin and seeds etc beforehand if possible.
  7. The age old one. If you require to use the oven, remember to pre-heat it for about 10-15 minutes.
  8. Add a small piece of tamarind to the oil if the hot oil starts foaming and rising in the pan. This will prevent foaming and spill over.
  9.  Using a flat bottomed pan equalizes the distribution of heat.
  10. Lastly, whatever you cook, cook with your heart and all your love. It will not fail.
Keep smiling and happy cooking!

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